Sustainable business practices, or corporate social responsibility (CSR), means doing business in such a way as to ensure a balance between economic, social and environmental interests.

At Van Rooijen Logistics we do look further than our balance sheet. We also look at the consequences of our activities on people and the planet. And not only the immediate consequences, but the consequences in the future too.

We are continuously searching for the right balance between the three Ps: People, Planet and Profit. Within Van Rooijen Logistics, but also outside. Sustainable business practice, means that we contribute what we can in order to solve social and environmental problems related to the company.


Lean and Green Award

Van Rooijen Logistics is one of the leading businesses when it comes to sustainable business practices.

  • Lean and Green Award 2010
  • Lean and Green Star 2012
Be Lean Be Green Award Foto