Continuity is a priority at Van Rooijen Logistics. As an independent company we do not depend on external capital investors with short term visions. Van Rooijen Logistics is a transport company that is able to ensure the best loading volumes, by combining the various goods flows of our clients. Our vehicles are always efficiently loaded, allowing us to make significant transport savings in the Benelux.

In summary

  • Savings in mileage by having a garage and petrol station on our own premises
  • Every engine in our fleet is Euro 5 or higher, resulting in less consumption and cleaner engines
  • Use of rail transportation (reduced road traffic)
  • Internal VAL facilities, eliminating the need of transportation to repackaging companies
  • Smooth warehouse flooring (reduced rolling resistance)
  • Use of electric forklift trucks instead of gas forklift trucks
  • One stop shopping ensures better loading volumes and fewer lorries on the road
  • By dividing the Benelux into regions and using these regions to make deliveries in smaller districts we can reduce road transportation
  • Innovation through the purchase of 5 LHV units (Longer and Heavier Vehicles), increasing the loading volume per trip
  • We have our own woodland to compensate CO2 emissions