In addition to a conventional warehouse, we also have a separate pharma warehouse in Turnhout with 10,000 pallet locations. This is where pharmaceutical products are stored and orderpicking takes place. We have the required permit for storing and handling drugs and the Belgian Federal Government Public Health Service provides supervision. The company is ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certified and GDP approved. A full-time quality coordinator is permanently employed here. We are able to couple professional competence to an innovative attitude and a personal approach.

Warehousing Facilities

  • Well-insulated to high K-value
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring (constant)
  • GMP room / cleanroom
  • Reliable fire alarm system
  • Electronic access control
  • Video surveillance

Faciliteiten and performance

  • Advanced WMS with full traceability
  • End-to-end scanning
  • Compliance with General Food Law (2005), SSCC
  • Strict hygiene and warehouse cleaning procedures
  • Order receipt and feedback status updates via EDI
  • Order picking accuracy > 99.7%
  • Annual inventory and regular internal stock controls
  • Outgoing order weight checks are an additional monitoring step that verify order completeness


  • Receipting with quantity and physical quality checks
  • Complete order picking process
  • VAS; such as labelling, assembling and filling displays and shrink-wrapping
  • Sampling for analysis and managing legal samples
  • Quarantined product management


Van Rooijen Logistics is co-founder and member of EALTH (European Association of Logistics and Tranports in Healthcare)

This collaboration consists of leading European logistic service providers that are using specialized methods for warehousing, handling and transporting pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

It has the following objectives:

  • Looking for other specialized logistic service providers and partners in order to stimulate cooperation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare business
  • Making sure the distinctive character of the collaboration is utilized at lobbies for national and international legislation in relation to professional methods of working.
  • Describing work areas that are capable of improvement and/or where processes can be better streamlined through certification
  • Continuously improving patient safety and products

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