In Turnhout, the first LPG lorry was taken into operation in September 2012. This will be followed by many others.

Van Rooijen Logistiek has a modern vehicle fleet. For example, every engine in our fleet is Euro 5 or higher. In this way, our fleet is able to meet the current environmental standards, allowing us to continue our work within the imposed environmental zones.

The fleet that we use for our fine-mesh distribution, meets the strictest environmental standards. All our vehicles are equipped with EEV engines. EEV stands for Extremely Environmentally Vehicles. An EEV engine is cleaner than the Euro-5 engine. These vehicles are mostly found in city centres.

Lpg Trekker

Van Rooijen Logistics actively seeks to reduce its fuel consumption. Our own petrol station, driven by the most modern software, allows us to carefully monitor the fuel consumption of our entire fleet. We also save fuel as we do not need to travel to an external supplier for fuel. Other measures that we have taken to reduce our fuel consumption are: application of aerodynamics; limiting the maximum speed; and using ecocombis (LHV) on DC traffic. Using these so-called ecocombis allows us to transport one and a half times more freight than a normal trailer.

In the previous years, Van Rooijen Logistics invested in PieK certified city trailers. The PieK test certificate is issued by component suppliers and bodywork builders, if measurements indeed indicate that the product is quiet

The PieK test label will be placed visibly on the vehicle, so it is clear that the lorry causes as little noise nuisance as possible for people living in the neighbourhood.