(24 hours p.d. - 7 days p.w. - 365 days p.y.)

In order to organize this transport correctly, we employ a transport safety consultant.
Radioactive goods are products with a short storage life, therefore requiring a quick circulation.
Radioactivity is created by instable isotopes.

(E.g.: iodine, krypton, fluor and technetium)

These radioactive goods are used for medical purposes, such as:

  • identifying Parkinson's disease
  • analyzing the function of the thyroid gland
  • radiotherapy (fight against cancer)

The loading and unloading locations are:

  • hospitals in the Netherlands
  • other transporters and airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Procedures have been drawn up for each location.

Specially equipped vehicles are used. We offer the following possibilities:

  • package transport: special drawers were made for this in the trucks in relation to stowage
  • pallet transport
  • conditioned transport

When hired, drivers must submit a Certificate of Good Conduct.

Each year, they will receive the following trainings:

  • introductory course (radiation and road transport)
  • Security Awareness (air freight and terrorism)

Because of the legal regulations for radioactive road transport, drivers take the ADR basis + class 7 course every five years.

The drivers also have an ACN pass (quicker processing at Schiphol Airport).

For certain activities, we are working with different organizations:

  • EITA Because of this radioactive transport, we are member of the EITA. EITA is a European non-profit organisation officially created in 1998 by trained and licensed road and air transporters and logistics providers, specialized in the transportation of radioactive isotopes, mainly used for medical purpose and / or research.
  • NRG All drivers have a personal batch, provided by NRG. It will measure the cumulative amount of radiation per period. We receive a periodical overview.
  • Controlatom They perform an annual physical inspection on our fleet.

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