At Van Rooijen Logistics quality and environment are of paramount importance. As a result, the Van Rooijen Group is ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and SKAL/BIO certified. Van Rooijen Logistics is also member of the Physical Distribution Group. This quality mark means that Van Rooijen Logistics has high quality facilities and employees at its disposal as well as a high level of automation.

Van Rooijen Logistiek is:

  • Member of EALTH (European Association for Logistics & Transport in Healthcare)
  • Member of EITA (European Isotopes Transport Association)

As an apprenticeship company, Van Rooijen Logistics is in the possession of recognized certificates such as VTL Leerbedrijf, Innovam Leerbedrijf, and also carries an ECABO Certificate.

Rail Terminal Eindhoven has an AEO certificate. An AEO certified company is subjected to less physical and documental inspections, is notified prior to an inspection and is allowed to provide less data for the report.

Van Rooijen Logistics received the "Lean and Green Award" in 2010 in order to receive the "Lean and Green Star" in 2012. With this we try to show that CO2 reduction can go hand in hand with economic growth.

In 2011, Van Rooijen Logistics had the good fortune of receiving the Graydon award. When financial research agency Graydon issues this reward, it means that the company concerned is one of the financially healthiest companies and that the risk of non-payment is very small.

In addition, Van Rooijen Logistics employs two quality control managers who are responsible for:

  • Hygiene checks in accordance with the strict Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines
  • Maintaining a GDP licence from the Belgian Ministry of Public Health for distributing and warehousing pharmaceutical products
  • Strict performance of activities within the guidelines of a GMP licence for repackaging drugs
  • Attention to the BRC directives (British Retail Consortium)
  • Recruiting permanent staff members
  • Codes of conduct for internal transportation
  • Supervising of:
    • Return and collection procedures
    • Transportation damage
    • Cleanliness of loading bays in the fleet area.