Van Rooijen Logistics has a fully integrated information system and its own ICT department. This department is capable of handling all Van Rooijen Logistics ICT requirements. At the moment we have the following possibilities


Data communications by means of

  • XML, CSV file, D.96A en D.01B EDIFACT accoring to GS1 standard
  • AS2, FTP, SFTP, FTPS or via e-mail
  • Internet: via service portal TMS and WMS applications

Transportation administration

  • Logging off via onboard computer
  • Shipment status immediately available online.
  • Irregularities: report directly coupled to shipment; report via e-mail or fax (MOB report)
  • Route Information System: signatures digitally stored, downloadable via internet as well as offered via FTP
  • Automated DC plan, delivery agreements on waybills, differentiated invoicing
  • Inbound and outbound barcode scanning
  • Performance monitoring per customer.

Warehouse management systeem

  • SSCC registration
  • Barcode scanning Full RF
  • Batch, Lot registration, FiFo, FeFo, THT
  • DC agreements and stack methods defined in system.
  • Inventory management and warehouse flow management

Finished projects

  • VM ware and SAN solutions
  • Virtual storage solutions
  • Paperless invoicing / E-invoicing

System modifications take place on an ongoing basis in response to the internal organization's and our customers' requirements and demands

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