After a 5 month installation period, our PV (Photo-Voltaic) installation was tested and handed over on 14 December 2010. As a company, we are positive on the use of sustainable energy, which is why we decided early 2010 to invest in a PV installation that would provide our logistic centre (30,000m2) with part of its power need. As a result, we are able to generate so much power on an annual basis, that we need to purchase far less energy. In the summer months the yield is so high that a considerable part is fed back to the grid.

In total, the installation consists of 6480 PV panels, having a minimum total annual yield of 1,200,000 kW/h. An average family uses 3,500 kW/h per year, which means that the installation could provide the energy for 343 households.

A great project, whereby we, as a company, are at the forefront of sustainable energy.